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detailed rim repairs and finishes

Rims act as a protective barrier against weather elements, and road particles such as dirt, rocks and glass. Rims are essential to every vehicle and ensure tires can roll and function with ease and strength.

Our wide selection of rim repairs and refinishes ranges from scuff removal and dent repair to glossy, protective coatings. Get rolling with Infinite Autohaus today and let us protect your tire and enhance your vehicle’s efficiency.

Repair and refinishing expert services

Rim repairs and premium finishes are vital for enhancing both the aesthetics and functionality of your vehicle’s rims. Our experienced team employ advanced techniques and top-quality materials to address a wide range of rim issues, always delivering flawless results and durability.

Our rim repair and finishing services include:

  • Scratch and Scuff Removal: Eliminating surface imperfections such as scratches and scuffs to restore the original sleek look of your rims.
  • Dent and Bend Correction: Repairing dents, bends, and deformities in the rims to ensure proper wheel alignment.
  • Alloy Wheel Refurbishment: Refinishing alloy wheels to eliminate corrosion, oxidation, and blemishes.
  • Custom Colour Matching: Providing precise colour matching to your vehicle’s rims and offering custom finishes to suit your style.
  • Protective Coatings: Clear protective coats enhance resilience against environmental elements and maintain a glossy finish.
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Please be aware that prices may vary depending on the extent of the damage. The figures provided above are for reference purposes only.